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The managed security services research journey –
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Even though IT security is a dominant topic in the market, the relevant growth factors are not obvious. Against this backdrop, channel coach Olaf Kaiser and his cooperation partner SOPHOS have decided to shed light on these questions with a managed security research trip (“MSP Journey”) and  to disclose all results afterwards.

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The most important success factors for more managed security business in the current “MSP JOURNEY” eBook:

What do you need to consider if you want to start with Managed Security Services?

What helps to grow further if you are already successful with your services?

Expert discussions

Successful Managed Service Provider have answered our questions in detailed interviews. Click here for an overview of all interviews:

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Interview with Craig Faiers,
Commercial Director of arcsystems
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What is the current status of the Journey?

The journey consists of several milestones where we stop and embark on research. First we work with two surveys. You can find a survey here on the “biggest hurdles” with Managed Security Services. Another more detailed survey will be sent by SOPHOS to all partners. If you would like to support us by taking the more detailed survey, please click here.

The survey results are then analyzed and key hypotheses for the three research questions are derived. Subsequently, personal interviews are conducted with selected system houses in order to check the hypotheses.

You can also support us here if you would like to make yourself available for an interview, just write to us.